While claims outsourcing is a necessity following severe flooding and damage caused by strong, hurricane winds, wildfires can also cause insurers to gain a high number of claims to process. In Minnesota, residents were returned to their homes after being evacuated due to a quickly expanding wildfire fueled by strong winds, according to the Associated Press.

Firefighting crews were able to contain the fire and return at least 400 residents back to their homes. State fire marshal Bruce Roed stated that 95 percent of the fire was contained and evacuees from Kittson County town of Karlstad were brought back.

The fire did lead to some serious damage for six homes, which were burned to the ground as the blazes spread through a 12-square mile area. A school, nursing home and several group homes for assisted living had to be evacuated, according to the source. All residents were evacuated 20 miles away from the blaze.

Fireworks caused another blaze in Minnesota

The Duluth News Tribune, however, reported that in another part of Minnesota – Meeker County – a widespread fire was formed due to fireworks. At least 250 acres were destroyed in the fire, which began on Friday night. Five fire departments had to be called in to fight the blaze.

The fire was reported at 9:45 p.m. and the caller said that it was started by fireworks, causing the cattails to burn up. The sheriff's department at Meeker County is investigating who may have caused the fire.

Insurance companies in Minnesota may need to consider claims outsourcing and working with a claims vendor organization to ensure all claims are handled in times of wildfires.