As previously reported, the predictions of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) seem to indicate a potentially busy summer for catastrophe service with more tropical storms and hurricanes than usual.

The latest of these, Tropical Storm Chantal, has appeared southeast of Florida and is currently making its way toward countries like the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico this week, according to AccuWeather.

This source stated that the latter of those two countries will roughly double the amount of rain that it usually sees last month, and that floods will most likely be the main concern Chantal brings to these regions along with its intense winds, currently reported to be over 40 miles per hour. Countries like Barbados have received an official storm warning in preparation, but it's possible that the strength of the storms winds could decrease in the coming days. 

Following that, the National Hurricane Center's "forecast cone" predicts that the storm could devolve into a "tropical depression" when it reaches Florida by the end of this week. Researcher Brian McNoldy wrote in the Washington Post about the uniqueness of these particular developments.

"Usually we don't see these types of systems for at least another month," McNoldy said. "But, large-scale signals continue to indicate that 2013 will be a busy hurricane season, and Chantal may be a harbinger."

Though it's difficult to know the ways that weather patterns of this sort will manifest themselves when they hit a certain region, claims processing specialists should be ready to respond to patterns like this and the challenges they present area residents.