Catastrophe services might need to step in at a time when your local community is forced to contend with a new level of danger. The Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, has officially declared a State of Emergency, and it's significant because, as the State reports, it's something that hasn't happened for South Carolina since 2006.

The reason for this action is the recent bout of winter weather, which has brought multiple inches of snow and some frozen precipitation to the area. Compared to the pounding that other, more northerly states have received this year, it might seem like relatively small potatoes. But, similar to the problems that this cold snap has caused Georgia, South Carolina was found struggling in response.

Fortunately for this state, President Barack Obama and FEMA agreed to provide assistance earlier this month, including paying 75 percent of the weather-related costs, according to a release from the government agency

According to the Associated Press, Governor Haley called upon the federal government because of the hundreds of thousands of residents who were affected by the cold's consequences, including power outages.

"Ice accumulation, which is the greatest threat to South Carolina and its citizens, is expected to impact over 80 percent of the state with amounts of greater than 0.25 inches," she wrote in her message to President Obama.

States coping with the sudden arrival of damaging environmental conditions like this can look to claims adjusters that are well-versed in snow-related damages, especially for populations that don't know how to respond when a certain weather pattern strikes.