BrightClaim offers a network of trusted local contractors able to respond when insurance policyholders need assistance restoring their property after a claim. We handle the important tasks of finding a reputable contractor, verify their credentials and overseeing their work.

Unfortunately, untrustworthy contractors are out there waiting to take advantage of victims who suffered a catastrophic property loss. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), recently advised homeowners on ways to avoid untrustworthy contractors during the heights of storm season, especially since they can often appear legitimate.

Not only should contractors be able to prove they are honest, they must do the required work satisfactorily. In a press release, the NICB gave examples of tactics fraudulent contractors could use in the aftermath of a major storm event.

"One frequent scam involves contractors who pocket the payment but never show up to do the work or finish the job," the source said. "Another scheme involves using cheap materials and performing sub-standard work in order to increase profits. Almost always, these scammers show up unsolicited."

Insurance companies can improve their customer satisfaction ratings by offering contractor services that win over policyholder trust. Prevent scam artists from getting to policyholders by offering access to a network of pre-certified contractors willing to stand by their work with a workmanship guarantee.

Since 2005, BrightClaim has helped thousands of property owners get back on their feet after a loss.  We work hand-in-hand with insurance carriers and product manufactures to connect their customers with contractors that can be trusted to provide high quality materials and repairs.

Using our network of contractors will give customers confidence property repairs will be done on time and according to industry standards.