In the face of a large-scale resource challenge, insurance companies may be pressed to provide immediate and significant claims or claims processing and adjusting capabilities. While P&C Insurance Carriers could prepare for these occasional increases in volume by adding to their manpower and staffing models, they often run the risk of over-staffing or not having sufficiently trained adjusters.

Independent Claim Vendor Firms that can step in and provide short-term claims processing are an attractive alternative solution for these ever changing conditions, as they provide ready to go adjuster resources without the need for a prolonged recruitment process or an intensive training procedure. At the same time, on short notice, it can be difficult for businesses to identify the most able and best skilled adjusters, so many may turn to third-party field adjuster firms, such as BrightClaim, for support.

To make themselves available for the short-notice but highly sought field adjuster jobs available in the wake of a catastrophe, independent adjusters would be best served by partnering with BrightClaim. By joining our exclusive team of skilled property adjusters, professionals in this industry can make themselves available for timely work with some of the country’s largest insurance firms.

The BrightClaim screening process identifies the best field adjusters

Our clients require experienced and seasoned field adjusters on the ground during critical times to handle tasks such as property adjusting, contents inventory coordination and estimating of building damages. By outsourcing claims processing to BrightClaim and our team of field adjusters, clients put their trust in BrightClaim during a time of need.

As a result, BrightClaim thoroughly screens each of our field adjusters before selection. Each member of our adjuster team is vetted for estimating knowledge, estimating software skills, licensing requirements, other regulatory compliance factors, technical sophistication and service capability during our rigorous credentialing process.

Due to the thoroughness of this process, businesses that retain the services of BrightClaim need not worry about the skill level of the independent adjusters brought in to work on their projects. Similarly, adjusters who contract with BrightClaim gain the clout and credentials needed to secure the most in-demand independent adjuster jobs.

BrightClaim links candidates to the most sought-after adjuster jobs

BrightClaim coordinates and manages their team of independent adjusters on the ground to perform work for some of the country’s largest insurance carrier organizations during times of great pressure. We offer our clients a wide array of day to day field services, catastrophe services, and given the nature of this business, the BrightClaim field adjusters who perform these tasks on our clients’ behalf often gain the experience and credentials needed to further themselves in the industry as a result.

Below are some of the services we offer clients in need of access to our comprehensive network of independent adjusters.

Claims administration
Property Field Adjusting
Contents services
Estimating services
Independent inspections
Large loss adjusting

BrightClaim is a partner to major property and casualty insurance corporations

BrightClaim has become an ideal solution to many of the insurance industry’s largest and most recognized companies when outsourcing claims processing became a necessity for them. As such, we can have a constant need for qualified adjuster resources to help us serve our client’s needs.

Our strengths include a broad array of claims services customized to meet the specific needs of each client, a proven, metrics-driven approach that meets client expectations and a consultative relationship with clients that helps ensure greater satisfaction and long-term commitment. At BrightClaim, our client interactions are not a unilateral prescription to a solution – instead, they are a conversation that seeks to identify the unique demands of each client, followed by a survey of our resources to determine which would lead to the most effective results.

To apply for acceptance in the BrightNET network, please contact us, and include a resume to apply.

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