BrightClaim offers claims administration services that are available individually or collectively to provide a complete outsourced claims administration service, including:

Claims Processing   –   Payment Processing   –   Claims Monitoring

ClaimsCore: Centralized Claims Processing, Monitoring and Administration
With a single point of contact for all claims functionality, ClaimsCore allows you to select from services ranging from FNOL to complete claims outsourcing, including final settlement and payment.   ClaimsCore is designed to adapt to many claims environments, and can be used for complete claims outsourcing, overflow outsourcing, or your specified claim department functionality.

  • Access Resources in One Easy Step
    Access resources such as an independent adjuster, a cause and origin expert and a structural engineer in one easy step.   The entire process is managed for you to insure the work product is up to the timeliness and quality standards needed to conclude the file.
  • Increased Adjuster Productivity
    By concentrating on the professional aspects of handling claims, adjusters are more productive than they are when getting bogged down by administrative tasks.
  • Effective Overflow Support
    ClaimsCore supports your overflow plan during employee vacations, holidays, or simply higher-than-normal claim volume, helping you prevent overloading adjusters.

Additional Ancillary Services:

  • Desk adjudication on those losses that meet specified criteria
  • Specialized theft desk services
  • Re-inspection Services
  • Estimate review
  • Contents services
  • Integration of estimates into common software (Xactware, MSB, Simsol)
  • Contractor network access for single trades (flooring, water mitigation, roofing and more)
  • Dedicated catastrophe team