BrightClaim collaborates with you to deliver an integrated set of claims services based on your specific needs.  With a wide selection of claims services – that work well together or independently – BrightClaim delivers tangible outcomes based on your business objectives.

BrightClaim Delivers Proven Outcomes Through Metrics

  • Reduce Loss Adjustment Expense 20%-30%
  • Reduce cycle time by 7-12 days on average
  • Improve indemnity accuracy by 4% – 25%
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increased resource capacity

By incorporating existing functions with new processes, BrightClaim delivers superior results that reflect proven value through metrics:

  • Basic Claims Functions – BrightClaim works with our partners to improve basic claim department functions, from field resource management to desk adjudication.   We understand the need to focus on the foundation of best practice claims handling.
  • Process/Technology Improvements – BrightClaim understands the link between traditional claim processes and today’s technology innovations.   From complete integration with your operating systems to specific industry estimating software, BrightClaim provides a flexible link which allows you to take advantage of business process outsourcing (BPO) while maintaining strict control of all claims data – allowing for seamless data integration – no matter the process chosen to handle the claims.
  • New Claim Function – BrightClaim brings the latest claim functions to all clients, regardless of size, by providing cutting edge processes and technology coupled with industry leading experts in all phases of the claims arena; from large commercial claims to high-frequency, low severity claims.
  • Metrics – BrightClaim recognizes the value of monitoring data. We believe it drives positive outcomes and allows all goals to be quantified.   As such, a high priority is placed on gathering and reporting all data as it relates to the overall functionality of the claims process.
  • Proven Value – Talk is cheap; true success can be measured.   Our success with you will be measured, reported, and held accountable to your goals and objectives.