At BrightClaim, our focus is to provide insurance companies with immediate support for claims management, processing and other administrative services. Clients often turn to our company for support when their needs are most significant. For instance, large-scale disasters or localized pocket storms may strain companies’ resources, requiring their investment in additional staff to handle claims processing or adjusting.

While companies could seek independent adjusters to come in and perform this work on a short-term basis, finding the right people takes time and attention, both of which may be in short supply when a resourcing pinch occurs. As a result, outsourcing claims processing to a reliable claims management company such as BrightClaim offers an ideal solution for companies that require quick, dynamic solutions on short notice.

We offer a variety of support services to insurance companies that have this pressing need, including those listed below.

Claims Adjusting, Administration and Outsourcing

At BrightClaim we have cultivated a groupĀ  of skilled and credentialed adjusters who understand the best practices needed to conduct accurate and thorough claims adjusting. These professionals are strategically located throughout the country, which means that BrightClaim is uniquely positioned to provide claims adjusting for clients’ needs even in difficult-to-reach locations. We offer estimate accuracy utilizing the clients choice of estimating software. We also provideĀ  shorter cycle times for improved efficiency, all backed with detailed reports showing metrics-based results.

Similarly, our claims administration service can provide clients with the framework they need for more thorough support during difficult times. This includes claims processing, payment processing, claims reinspections and claims monitoring, ensuring clients benefit from a full-service approach to this important management task.

Ultimately, by outsourcing claims management to BrightClaim, businesses are able to offer a level of attention to each claim that they may not otherwise have afforded. As a result, even in times of pressure and increased claims volume, our clients’ claims management will maintain the level of quality and effectiveness they strive to achieve each day.

Field Services

When insurers find themselves pressed for resources for any reason (staffing issues, catastrophic events, local pocket storms, staff vacations or extended personal leave), BrightClaim can call on its extensive adjuster staff to perform crucial field work. Our credentialed property adjusters are on hand whenever required to step in quickly and perform on-site claims adjusting immediately, at any time and anywhere in the country.

We can also provide on-site contents services, dispatching professionals quickly to assess property contents. Our experts will work with the insured to create an accurate inventory of non-salvageable items documenting the loss with photos and a complete narrative. We are able to manage as much of the process as our clients wishes, including working with the restoration companies and other professionals who might be assisting with any aspect of the contents.

Vendor Management

BrightClaim can also offer clients a complete vendor management solution. This may include the procurement and credentialing of a client’s existing vendor management network, which are the first steps in creating a customized network of independent adjusters, restoration contractors or any other claims related vendor. We have helped clients lower independent adjuster fees through our comprehensive Bill Review Program and we can help generate the monthly or ad hoc reports clients need to better understand their program at all stages.

We take a consultative approach to our vendor management service, ensuring that our clients gain the most value for their investment with all of our supportive services. In addition, our focus on metrics and data provide the most consistent and specific results. Though we offer a broad array of services, we apply a level of nuance and detail to each client case to ensure they receive the most unique and suitable support for their needs. Our clients goals become our goals, and our collaborative approach to each relationship is the key to success.