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  • <strong>About Us</strong>

    About Us

    Offering Solutions & Surpassing Expectations

  • <strong>About Us</strong>

    About Us

    Offering Solutions & Surpassing Expectations

Our Culture & Core Values

At BrightClaim, our focus is to provide insurance companies and self-insured corporations with consistent daily and catastrophe claims related services that support our client's needs.

  • 2004-2005

    Oct 2004: BrightClaim is founded and they create their first service offering in Contents

    Jan 2005: BrightClaim establishes Property Claims Administration and adds the second service line to Contents called OnSite

    Mar 2005: BrightClaim establishes BrightNET, a network of IA field adjusters

    Aug 2005: BrightClaim launches Catastrophe Services for Katrina, Rita, and Wilma

  • 2006

    Jan 2006: BrightClaim enters DRP market through ServiceLane acquisition and rebrands BrightServ with a focus on technology

    Apr 2006: BrightClaim began providing Liability Services and Warranty Services

  • 2007-2012

    2007 – 2012: Focus on organic growth

    CAT events in 2008: Hurricane Ike and Dolly

    CAT events in 2011: Hurricane Irene

    CAT events in 2012: Hurricane Sandy

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  • 2013-2014

    January 2013: Expansion of Brightserv

    March 2014: Strategic relationship with Home Depot begins

    April 2014: After several years in Norcross, GA, BrightClaim had outgrown their building and moved to their current building in Sandy Springs, GA.

  • 2015-2016

    Oct 2016: BrightClaim expands capabilities in contents vertical through acquisition of National Vendor


  • Who is BrightClaim

    For over 13 years, BrightClaim has provided insurance companies superior solutions for Daily and Catastrophe claims, Contents services, Contractor Repair Network, Flood claims, Warranty and Material claim support, as well as Auto and Liability. Our management team averages 25+ years in the claims industry. We currently work with over 150 insurance carriers of all sizes, including 7 of the top 10 largest in the US.
  • Where is you coverage area?

    BrightClaim offers a national response across all service offerings. We specialize in bringing resources to bear for clients in all areas. Our national footprint of resources is unparalleled, offering our clients effective and efficient options on a national basis.
  • Are services offered individually or as a package?

    BrightClaim and its affiliates offer end to end claims solutions. We work with our clients to tailor custom solutions to help achieve claim department goals and outcomes. The majority of our clients engage BrightClaim for multiple services...however we are capable of delivering each service per our client's needs.

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