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  • Akawana fire threatens homes in Oregon

Akawana fire threatens homes in Oregon

A wildfire in Oregon is threatening more than 1,000 homes, according to the state's Department of Forestry. The Akawana fire, which was reportedly caused by lightning and began north of Sisters, was first reported on June 7. In a press release from three days later, the Department said that the firefighting costs have reached as high as $950,000, as the fire has taken over 2,065 acres.

Though the firefighting effort has continued, the response team did experience an increased amount of wind activity. The local forest is still in a dry condition, according to an analyst quoted in the statement. At the same time, the source said that "much of the fight has been taken out of the Akawana Fire."

A report from the Department described the trends of last year's wildfire season. It made a connection between the high number of lightning strikes seen during the summer and the potential for wildfire. However, even when there are a high number of strikes, a fire is not always inevitable.

The report used the difference between July and August as an example: the former month saw more than 19,000 lightning strikes but no fires, while the latter brought 1,000 lightning strikes on a single day, some of which resulted in major area fires. These included the Canyon Creek and Grizzly Bear Complex fires, among others.

Contents services professionals have to be responsive and comprehensive to address all of the possible losses a home faces. Dangerous locations won't necessarily show themselves to be potential threats until too late, in which case the insurance company needs to have ties to contractors and other professionals best-suited for the job.

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