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  • California’s dead trees add to wildfire risk

California’s dead trees add to wildfire risk

California has looked into the impact of the environment on wildfire risk. Property that's close to dangerous conditions may find itself at greater risk if a wildfire breaks out, and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, also knows as CAL FIRE, specifically looked at the impact of dead trees throughout the state.

As a press release stated, multiple government agencies are working to the large number of trees, which could help a wildfire spread if one broke out near them. The source called these trees a serious threat, a claim that reflects the results of recent overhead land surveys. Within the past six years, more than 66 million trees have reportedly died in the state due to multiple causes.

A member of the Rural County Representatives of California Board, Kevin Cann, described the widespread impact of the dead trees.

"Within the past six years, more than 66 million trees have reportedly died in California."

"The recently released estimates show the voraciousness with which the tree mortality epidemic is gripping California," Cann said. ""The situation is dire, not just to those living in rural communities directly dealing with the effects, but to all Californians impacted by the threat wildfires pose to the State's resources."

As of Sept. 8, CAL FIRE asserted that nine wildfires were currently active in the state. These include the Saddle Fire, which had previously threatened as many as 300 structures, and the Soberanes Fire, which took up 102,499 acres.

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