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  • Contractors travel to Baton Rouge after flooding

Contractors travel to Baton Rouge after flooding

The recent flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has unsurprisingly triggered a need for contractors from across the country. With thousands of structures impacted in this August storm, the damage has drawn a wealth of professionals to the area.

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report quoted Ken Jones, a Louisiana Home Builders Association representative, who estimated that 15,000 licensed state contractors could do the necessary work.

"If the money is flowing, the contractors would be out working and putting homes back together," Jones said. "Until the money side of the equation is resolved, it's going to forestall construction activity from getting started."

"Thousands of structures were impacted in this August storm."

Jones also stated that around 150,000 homes were damaged. According to The New York Times, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber believes the number to be at least greater than 140,000. Satellite mapping has helped track the most impacted parishes and communities.

On Sep. 13, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced a Restore Louisiana Task Force to help mitigate the aftermath of the damage. The group consists of several members of local government and will reportedly work with other initiatives to facilitate the recovery effort. This will also include identifying possible funding and providing resources for affected residents.

As important as having contractors on the scene is, proper claims processing after a disaster can take more than that. Contents inventory services professionals have to be responsive and comprehensive to address all of the possible losses.

Dangerous locations won't necessarily show themselves to be potential threats until too late, in which case insurance companies needs to have ties to both contractors and contents specialists best-suited for the job.

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