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  • Could property insurance include climate change policies?

Could property insurance include climate change policies?

This blog has spoken many times about the opinions of meteorologists regarding climate change, and the way this could possibly make dangerous weather patterns more common. A recent piece by ClimateWire printed in Scientific American examined the case of insurance that could be specifically designed for this purpose.

When it comes to China, the source notes, farmers can take out policies specifically to help them match the speed of the increasing environmental dangers to crops and their livelihood. It's not an insignificant risk, with costs exceeding the equivalent of $30 billion in that country, the source notes.

In addition to providing farmers with policies that will reimburse them in case of droughts or other climatic problems, insurance companies in also reportedly train farmers in the best ways to battle hot and hostile weather.

A report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently examined the impact on insurance practices that climate change will necessitate, especially in response to specific risks that exist. They need to be handled carefully, the report's author argues. 

"Risk financing mechanisms in the public and private sector, such as insurance and risk pools, can contribute to increasing resilience, but without attention to major design challenges, they can also provide disincentives, cause market failure, and decrease equity," it reads.

In addition to providing the right kinds of policies beforehand, claims management companies will be needed when it comes time to actually process damages. Whether it's on a grand scale or in response to a very immediate and local disaster, claims management services can be taken on to help your company respond to environmental conditions as they pose new, evolving threats to policyholders.

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