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  • Hailstorm damage leads to insurance claims

Hailstorm damage leads to insurance claims

Thousands of damage claims have emerged after a powerful hailstorm in the Colorado Springs area, according to The Colorado Springs Gazette. The source said that around 15,000 homeowner claims were filed with USAA alone in the wake of the heavy hail activity, while State Farm has received close to 2,520 claims.

Even when handling the claims themselves is easy, though, the article said that the resulting repairs can take time when demand is high. Since the claims reportedly came in soon after the initial storm, responders are facing large numbers of residents and policyholders in need of service.

"Responders are facing large numbers of residents and policyholders in need of service."

As with many catastrophes, the storm has also created an opportunity for false contractors and agents to pressure homeowners into paying them. USAA representative Rich Johnson told NBC affiliate KOAA? that the number of claims has led to the situation being officially classified as a catastrophe. The added damage has also called for a greater-than-usual response for businesses.

"Anytime that there's a significant number of claims like this, it will reach a threshold between a storm and the number of claims in a given area in which we categorize a catastrophe," Johnson said. A single house mentioned by the source was subject to an estimated $40,000 in damages.

For insurance carriers, the work needed to help policyholders can start before the storm strikes. Regardless of the cause, catastrophes often put a great deal of pressure on a claims organization. Prior to a major hailstorm, insurers are encouraged to identify additional property and contents adjusting specialists to provide "back up" in high volume claims situations.

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