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  • Hurricane Raymond comes to storm-ravaged Mexico

Hurricane Raymond comes to storm-ravaged Mexico

Recent months have shown that the weather in the Central American region has been somewhat unfavorable, especially to Mexico. Yet another storm has made contact with Acapulco: Hurricane Raymond, which has winds higher than 100 miles per hour, according to the Washington Post.

As the article notes, this damaging development is in the wake of the other massive losses accrued by area. Not only are emergency measures being taken to counteract the destruction and give residents a chance to evacuate, there is reportedly still some damage left behind from previous storms to have struck this region, like Hurricane Manuel.

The Associated Press quoted an employee of Mexico's National Water Commission, David Kornfeld, on the storm's movements and the potential it has to damage the area based on its developing fronts without even making landfall.

"There will be rain for the next 72 hours along the Pacific coast — very heavy rain, torrential rain," he wrote. 

As many as four inches are expected to accumulate during the course of this storm, possibly two times the amount. The cyclone is now measured at a Category 3.

It's likely that the catastrophe services in places under this kind of continuous duress and environmental assault might eventually find themselves in a situation where they need support, perhaps even from other geographical areas not immediately affected or normally considered in these responses.   

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