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  • Keep retention numbers high with claims services

Keep retention numbers high with claims services

After storm damage carriers have the chance to address policyholder concerns quickly, but only if they have the staff to do so. With high-quality service, insurance companies may see a strong rate of retention if they take the time to work with a proper network. Long-lasting policyholder relationships are a key benefit of working with BrightClaim, no matter the size of the most recent catastrophe.

Without experts on call, companies may feel unsure about their ability to respond to major concerns. Retention is based not just on speed, but general quality, requiring a network of professionals varied enough to handle every case.

A 2014 Bain & Company report stated that retention is often seen as a counter to acquisition: most carriers can focus on one, but not both, since the two strategies tend to appeal to different kinds of policyholders. The source said that the retention-focused companies generally have older customers that are "less price-sensitive, older, more affluent and have more complex insurance needs."

However they approach it, increasing customer loyalty gives businesses a more supportive policyholder base. To do this effectively, carriers may need a wide range of professionals they can count on to provide all of the necessary solutions.

There's also location to consider, since residents in a hard-to-reach area can pose difficulties for understaffed carriers. An established, trustworthy network gives companies options for each individual claim, with the same standard of performance every time.

Since we prescreen and credential all field adjusters, things like skill levels and core competencies are all identified ahead of time. This allows us to match the right adjuster with our client's field adjusting needs.

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