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  • Mudslide in Yonkers, NY, displaces residents

Mudslide in Yonkers, NY, displaces residents

Earlier this month,  an upsetting and widely-reported mudslide occured in Yonkers, NY. Residents in the apartment building affected by this have been forced out of their homes, which could have been caused by the warming temperatures in the aftermath of the heavy earlier snows the New York area experienced, as well as a malfunctioning water pipe buried in the area.

As repairs continue, more than 100 residents have had to relocate, according to CBS New York. Back on March 13, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said that the buildings in the path of the mudslide could be inaccessible for at least two weeks. This mudslide took place in the area of the Old Croton Aqueduct and forced out citizens in the William Walsh housing complex when an antiquated wall gave way. As much as 6 feet of mud may have blocked the lobby entrance.

In an article for Real Estate Weekly, Justin Lia of the construction consulting firm IVI Assessment Services explained that improper layering of the surrounding soil could have contributed to a land shift.

"If it was properly installed it would not let them bury things like giant tree trunks and stumps and loose organic soils," he said. "These layers decay over time and they develop more voids. The water fills those voids and when the weight of the soil on top increases by super saturation it can lead to a landslide."

Although it can take time to determine the cause of a land or mudslide and whether it is naturally occurring, insurance companies should know that they have the right claims processing services available to resolve concerns. In areas surrounded by old, ineffective architecture, the need for fast and well-matched claims processing providers could be especially great.

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