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  • New report shows surge risks from possible hurricanes

New report shows surge risks from possible hurricanes

The property dangers of a hurricane include both the direct impact of the storm and the repercussions from other related conditions. In a recent report, CoreLogic described the vast number of homes across the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts that could be damaged by a potential storm surge.

The report produced multiple tables showing the varying risk factors for homes, regions and states. Overall, the reconstruction cost value for homes possibly damaged by hurricane storm damage was more than $1.5 trillion.

According to a press release on the findings, Florida has the highest total number of at-risk homes, with 701,739 properties holding a  "very high" chance of risk. This means that the surge could produce a storm between Categories 2 and 5. On a national level, storms of this strength could potentially affect 1,658,151 homes.

Florida has a total of 2,731,626 homes at risk. Two other Gulf States, Louisiana and Texas, took the second and third spots on the total list for risk totals. Florida is also the state with the highest reconstruction costs at $535,666,443,832.

The Bradenton Herald reported on the recent effects of Tropical Storm Colin, which damaged a pier that had previously been subject to damage from Hurricane Sandy. Although the pier did suffer some minor damage due to boat crashes, the Bridge Street Pier, as it is known, was only reconstructed a year ago.

By outsourcing claims processing in the wake of a weather event, even a relatively minor one, insurance companies have access to highly skilled adjusting resources. With this added support, they can perform property and contents assessment tasks to help their policyholders get on the track to recovery.

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