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  • New York experiences yet more snow problems, State of Emergency

New York experiences yet more snow problems, State of Emergency

Storms don't exist in a vacuum, and often times the arrival of one weather system can come on the back of one that just occurred. For the Northeast, this seems especially apparent as of late, with multiple sources reporting that yet more cold weather activity is piling up in the area.

The New York Times has called it "A Treacherous Wintry Mix," highlighting specifically the way that this storm has manifested in New York. This includes sleet and more than 10 inches of snow in some places, as well as more chaotic things like fires breaking out in sewers and buildings being damaged. 

As a result, it's perhaps no surprise that New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo has now officially declared a State of Emergency, due to the widespread nature of this event. The New York Daily News has quoted Cuomo in describing exactly how bad the effects of the storm were this past Wednesday.

"This is not anything that we didn't expect," he said. "We did have notice of this storm. The shortage of salt is a complicating factor…the localities that are experiencing that shortage, it's because these winter storms have been worse than forecast."

That last statement refers to a real problem that is reportedly affecting the entire country, with salt not as available as it would normally be. This has slowed down recovery efforts and forced recovery efforts to be more creative in seeking out alternatives.

The amount of catastrophe adjuster jobs that might be needed when conditions are this bleak and materials unavailable may spike upward, requiring more help. 

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