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  • Ongoing fire damage occurs in Big Sur, California

Ongoing fire damage occurs in Big Sur, California

As of Thursday afternoon, more than 900 acres of land was ravaged by a recent fire in the Big Sur, California area. It's understandable that the effort to truly comprehend the damage done is being taken seriously now, even with fire containment still an ongoing operation.

CNN recently spotlighted the blaze that has led to more than 20 buildings being destroyed in the following surge of the conflagration, including, apparently, the home of the local fire chief, Martha Karstens, who told the source that "the irony doesn't escape me." 

"Until it happens to you, you feel sorry for them," she said, referencing some of the other residents who've seen their own houses lost in this fire. "But literally, I went out to fight a fire. I had my purse. I had my cell phone and my glasses. And I didn't know I was going to be trying to save my own home."

Although the fire isn't expected to be completely contained until the end of this week, it seems that workers are still laboring to keep the response on schedule, with help from obliging local residents. The Monterey County Herald states that the damage is still being counted up.

The segue period between when the storm is officially over and when the time for assessment can begin may be shorter than one might think. At this point, taking on claims management services can help you keep things easier for insured homeowners under your own policies and lay the groundwork for the more technical processing tasks that come later.

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