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  • Rain brings damage to Florida

Rain brings damage to Florida

Nearly a foot of rainwater flooded Jacksonville this week, as heavy rains hammered the region. A shelter was opened to help displaced locals settle, though USA Today notes that no one had arrived by Monday. Other southeastern states have also experienced high amounts of rainfall recently, with Texas and Louisiana experiencing the brunt at the tail end of October.

Atlantic Beach received a large amount of water as well, with some residents remarking on the need for a boat to get around the flooded streets. This comes at the same time as Hurricane Patricia affected the states of the Gulf Region.

Patricia reached Category 5 hurricane status but generally failed to leave behind much serious damage in western Mexico, as of November 2, although power outages and aftermath from intense rains were reported. Florida's flood levels may have been just the echo of the earlier storm, but they are a part of the radiant issues surrounding the after math of a hurricane or tropical storm.

A Recent History of Hurricanes

While Katrina remains the costliest hurricane to have occurred in the United States, others had a wider reach and affected more states. The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that Hurricane Sandy, the third costliest, impacted 16 states, while Hurricane Ivan from 2004 involved 15. Ivan's list of locations ranges up and down the east coast, from New Jersey and New York to Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

In terms of insured losses, a hurricane's higher category ranking doesn't  always lead to higher numbers. The same source also notes that the storm with the highest number of insured losses based on current exposures, at least when adjusted for inflation, was a category 4 storm from 1926. This event, simply called "Miami Hurricane," was responsible for far more losses than Andrew, even though the latter storm was a category 5.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the 11 counties most prone to hurricane damage are in the Gulf of Mexico, according to data from between 1960 and 2008, also presented by the III. Monroe County, Florida, experienced 15 hurricanes in this time and witnessed a more than 50 percent population change.

Winds and Water

In addition to the challenging levels of rainfall, Florida has also experienced winds described as "gusty" in an Accuweather map. This same graphic showed Alabama and Mississippi as central areas for heavy flood risk up to the beginning of November.

Insurance Company Needs

Slowly occurring storms can spread out over an area and demand a varied response to insurance carrier concerns. At BrightClaim, our client interactions are not a unilateral prescription to a solution – instead, they are a conversation to identify the unique demands of each client, followed by a survey of our resources to determine which would lead to the most effective results.

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