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  • What makes a good claims adjuster?

What makes a good claims adjuster?

Working with experienced claims adjusting services experts gives carriers a distinct advantage. They get a staff they can trust to work efficiently, as well as a positive experience for the policyholder. The latter may be more important than you think, since it can represent the business and be the source of future customers.

In Canada, the devastation of the recent Fort McMurray wildfire has brought a large amount of adjusters to the region. Insurance Business Canada puts the number at around 1,500, with a total of 4,376 claims, including property, commercial and farm policies, according to The Cooperators General.

This source quoted RSA Canada Senior Vice President of Claims Paul MacDonald, who said that the estimates have changed as more information has come forward.

"The initial estimates were quite high because they had assumed a much larger degree of damage occurring in Fort McMurray," MacDonald said. "Once the government came out and said that 80% of the city was still standing, there was probably a collective sigh of relief and a bit of a reduction in those estimates to the lower end of what was originally estimated."

However, as important as their other skills are, adjusters also need to have the "soft skills" needed to interact with people and resolve situations correctly. The most recent issue of Insurance & Risk Professional addressed this in an article about the many different tasks that adjusters have to accomplish, some of which involve communication.

Since BrightClaim pre-screens and credentials all field adjusters, things like skill levels and core competencies are identified ahead of time. This allows us to match the right adjuster with our client's field adjusting needs. We also cultivate a consultative relationship with clients that helps ensure greater satisfaction and long-term commitment.

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