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  • <strong>Warranty Services</strong>

    Warranty Services

    Fulfilling our clients' expectations and requirements

Real-World Expertise = Superior Outcomes

Warranty services that enable proactive management of your companies warranty function. Clients consistently find that our services deliver exceptional results to improve efficiency using a single-source supplier, one contract, one bill, predictable costs, third-party objectivity, expert field force personnel, customized web-based inspection reporting and enhanced end-user customer service to help protect and enhance brand reputation.

Quality Driven


BrightClaim leverages vast industry experience with quality service in precedent-setting, sensitive, high-volume cases. We are neutral in focus, serving the needs of counsel and corporations alike. We utilize a creative, cost-effective approach to complex legal and logistical requirements.

BrightClaim is quality-driven in program design, execution and measurement.

  • Network of the best inspectors in the industry
  • Held to the highest standard by our dedicated Quality Assurance Team
  • Programs tailored to your needs
  • Experienced personnel dedicated to your inspection program
  • Customized training to ensure success
  • Products are separately measured, tested, and evaluated based on your criteria.
  • All components clearly identified on digital photos.
  • Detailed statistical reports with customized data analysis.
  • Consistent, Quality Service Nationwide
  • Customized Solutions
  • Detailed Inspection Data
  • Statistical and Analytical Reports

Warranty Claim Services

BrightClaim offers complete warranty claim services that enable you to provide your customer with the relief assured by your product warranty. You can focus on your business with the assurance that warranty claims are being handled professionally and efficiently.

Warranty Claims Services – Anywhere in the U.S. BrightClaim has the ability to quickly form and train an inspection network based on your business needs.

  • Field resources expand and contract based on your needs.
  • Uniform claim settlements from resources trained on your products.
  • Reputable, experienced unbiased third party inspectors for litigation.
  • Quickly activated call center claims using existing infrastructure.
  • Rapidly grow and train your inspection network for extensive national coverage.

Lower Your Overhead

Scalable BrightClaim resources meet your warranty needs, delivering cost efficiency to your bottom line. Centralized management and standardized work product ensure that you get consistent settlements anywhere in the U.S.

  • Centralized management that isn’t duplicated in the field.
  • Lower your overhead by managing fewer resources.
  • Standardized work product increases consistency and accuracy.


Measureable Results

BrightClaim delivers measurable results to our clients, well exceeding industry standards. There are multiple ways to improve process with add-on benefits, including resource management, quality assurance and contractor networks.

  • BrightClaim customers have experienced 4-12% improvement in accuracy; above the industry standard.
  • BrightClaim has reduced cycle time, increasing efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Meet your customer’s needs with industry-leading warranty services from professionals focused on quality claims resolution. BrightClaim’s methods for exceptional customer service are proven based on performance.

  • Claims are closely monitored for quality and accuracy.
  • Improved claims resolution from high quality professionals.
  • Reduced escalations help you avoid having frustrated customers.


Keep Your Business on Strategy

Stay focused on your business while BrightClaim handles your warranty needs. BrightClaim works with you to understand your business, and then creates and delivers flexible solutions tailored just to your needs.

  • Warranty related claims services anywhere in the U.S.
  • Choose just what you need from a wide array of services.
  • Smoothly handle small to high claims volume.

Monitor and Adjust Programs on the Fly

BrightClaim helps you monitor your business with the most current reporting technology available. BrightClaim technology is agile, with no integration requirements – and you can adjust programs on the fly based on timely, accurate metrics reports.

  • Metrics and reports customized to be relevant to your business goals.
  • No integration requirements.
  • Make timely adjustments to improve metrics.
  • Customized reports as often as you need them.


Grow Your Business with Enhanced Warranty Programs

Increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs team up to lower your warranty services overhead, allowing you to focus more on growing your core business. On top of that, BrightClaim’s enhanced warranty programs can take you to the next level.

  • Elite contractor programs for direct repair.
  • Track and document warranty claims.
  • Managed repair programs.
  • Enhanced quality assurance and claim file review.

Who is WarrantyLink Solutions?

WarrantyLink Solutions is an BrightClaim affiliate of warranty claims specialist who offer end to end warranty claims solutions. We work with our clients to tailor custom solutions to help achieve claim department goals and outcomes. The majority of our clients engage us for multiple services...however we are capable of delivering each service per our client's needs.  Our Warranty and Contractor Services Divisions, have significant experience in administrating claims within the Building Material Manufacturing industry from both a product inspection and remediation services perspective.

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