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What We Do

At BrightClaim, our focus is to provide insurance companies and self-insured corporations with consistent daily claims related services that support our client’s needs. Our involvement allows our clients to focus on customer service and the management of expense costs.  When you provide that day to day support to our clients, they in turn look to us to provide further resource capacity in large-scale disasters or localized pocket storms.

Why BrightClaim

  • Highest customer service.
  • Improved policy retention.
  • Faster claims resolution.
Fast and convenient claim solutions that provide an exceptional customer experience for your insureds.
Innovative catastrophe claim-adjustment, TPA and event-management solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry.
Scalable, comprehensive services custom-fitted to resolve all property contents claims.
A package solution for auto PD and liability claims due to overflow or lack of resources in specific areas.
Solutions designed to assist your company in providing the customer relief assured by your product warranty.
A customizable full service contractor network integrated with The Home Depot.

Recent Articles

September 2015

Contractor networks can improve claims performance

Contractor networks give insurance companies the ability to help policyholders restore their property quickly.

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August 2015

Transparent field services improve adjusting

Transparency will make field adjusting tasks easy for carriers to follow.

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Outsource catastrophe claims when disasters mount

Catastrophe services professionals will give carriers in storm-wracked areas the support that they require to respond to policyholder needs.

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Do you have the staff to support catastrophe claims?

Outsourcing catastrophe insurance claims gives companies a dedicated source of staff during periods of high claims volume.

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How solid is your Independent Adjuster Strategy? [Video]

Does your insurance company have an an effective strategy for using independent contractors?

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Number of lightning claims falls while the cost per claim increases

Claims involving damage by lightning strikes are on a steady decline, but the cost per claim weighs heavily on insurance companies.

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New report finds house fires to be the leading cause of civilian fire fatalities

With a large amount of house fires being severe, insurance companies need professional claims resources to handle such devastating situations.

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2015 sees record amount of insured losses

With hundreds of thousands of claims filed, insurance companies can benefit from outsourcing claims to a professional vendor.

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South Florida experiences high water damage claims, insurance rates are raised

The South Florida region is in a bad catch-22: Higher amount of claims and insurance hikes. Outsourcing claims can help better manage the issue.

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July 2015

P&C profits hit record high for 2015

One report shows record-setting revenue from Property & Casualty insurance companies this year.

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