After a snowstorm ends, there are still possible dangers to houses in precarious central locations. This can be seen in recent weather activity affecting the northeast, especially Boston and New York City. Because of the high amount of snow in the area that is ready to dissipate, flooding could be a serious possibility for insureds, and a serious concern for the providers that cover these properties.

As a local CBS affiliate reports, the melting snow has left more than just an inconvenient mess for Suffolk County residents to contend with: it has brought a wave of floodwaters into homes.

The source quoted some of the locals as blaming improper placement of snowbanks during the storm for the onslaught of water. Windows have been broken and homes have been condemned in the wake of this surprise water surge in Shoreham, Long Island. In a photo featured on the source's site, firemen are shown standing ankle-deep in water.

In Boston, the melt seems to be more gradual. An Insurance Journal article that draws from the Associated Press featured comments from the deputy director of the city's Water and Sewer Commission, Jeanne Richardson, who seems confident about the way the water flow has been mitigated. To help disperse 50,000 tons of snow, Boston reportedly invested in several professional melters. 

"Things are going along as expected," she said. "Catch basins have been cleared and snow on top of them is melting. The system is working." 

More water from receding snowbanks could leave covered entities vulnerable to damage and the number of contents claims increasing. With professionals that are well-versed in the latest contents services technology and processes, adjusters and insureds will be able to review the specifics of each case and apply the best solutions as a result.