BrightClaim offers complete solutions for all personal and commercial property contents claims.  Choose from services ranging from complete research for like, kind and quality replacement items to Onsite Contents Services with professional onsite supervision.

Quality Processing by Combining People, Procedures and Technology
Technology is important in creating process efficiencies, but is not adequate as a stand-alone solution for contents claims processing.  BrightClaim assures:

  • A qualified person takes ownership of each claim and is always available to discuss specifics of individual claims with adjusters and/or insureds.   This person also tracks, reviews and distributes each claim submitted for processing.
  • Processes based on best practices. BrightClaim segmented the entire claims process and analyzed each for best practice applications.   Contents claims processing was reviewed from many perspectives within the overall claims process (carriers, staff adjusters, and, certainly not to be left out, the position of the insured) to ultimately build the foundation of BrightClaim’s Contents Services offering.

Lower Indemnity Payout and Loss Adjustment Expenses
BrightClaim’s accuracy in contents valuation delivers a positive impact on overall indemnity payout.  The common belief that “everything always increases in value over time” is simply wrong and costs carriers tens of millions of dollars annually in leakage around contents claims.

  • “Real Time” pricing data is updated daily to assure you realize the benefit of up-to-the-minute pricing.

Retain Policy Holders With Use of Familiar Local Sources
Insured satisfaction is directly tied to their ability to replace the items from a local source, or, at their discretion, an alternative source.   Fulfillment (or direct replacement) can be perceived as a value-added service in some circumstances, but not across the board on all line items and on all claims.

Assured Highest Level of Service for Carrier and Insured
BrightClaim closely monitors both carrier and insured comments to assure the highest level of service to both. We also:

  • Employ claims professionals who are also product experts. Each is required to have knowledge of the overall claims process and “speak the language” of the adjusters they work with on a daily basis.   We understand policy limits, schedules, deductibles, depreciation and other specific claims issues and how they impact our contents estimate for each claim.
  • Have a unique understanding of the complete value proposition for all parties in the claims process. Claims Contents Services is part of a larger claims organization that processes tens of thousands of insurance claims annually (from complete claims department outsourcing to desk estimate reviews).   This unique understanding of the complete value proposition separates our service from most others available to the insurance industry.

Schedule C offers expert onsite contents assistance for all types of commercial and residential losses.  The demand for this service has proven to be exceptional and the positive feedback continues to grow.

Effectively “Freeze” the Contents Loss in 48 Hours or Less
BrightClaim has a dedicated staff of onsite experts, many of whom are adjusters or have had adjusting experience, who are available to be onsite and effectively “freeze” the contents loss in 48 hours or less.

  • Onsite experts work directly with the insured to create a timely and accurate list (and almost eliminating the supplemental contents list).
  • Onsite experts deal with all vendors associated with contents, from pack-out firms to restoration and dry cleaning.   This service has proven particularly valuable when public adjusters are involved.

Schedule C and Catastrophe Capabilities
BrightClaim Schedule C is uniquely positioned to provide immediate and customized responses to catastrophes of all sizes and types.   Depending on the catastrophic event, contents can equal or exceed total payments for structure, so having detailed analyses of contents is paramount.   Schedule C has the experience and infrastructure to dedicate resources and provide timely responses during catastrophes.

Schedule C Fulfillment Services
Schedule C offers fulfillment services as a value-added proposition to our clients.  For certain categories of items, such as jewelry, collectibles and other specific items, direct replacement can benefit all parties involved in the claims process.  Some insured often view direct replacement as a customer service benefit.  For those situations, Schedule C can offer direct replacement at the same level of service our clients are accustomed to receiving.